UX & UI Design

Project Overview

ScanMD was born as a school project and became a passion project of mine due to personal experiences with ill family members. ScanMD aims to solve a big healthcare problem: medication non-adherence. Busy schedules and daily activities can distract people from taking their prescriptions on time, how to take it, how many per day, and the inventory left to their prescription. ScanMD solves that routine problem by allowing users to scan their prescription on to the app and creating a schedule and reminders for their medications.


UX/UI Designer



target audience

Anyone who needs a little extra help keeping track of their medications :).


Adobe XD, Sketch, Adobe AI, Procreate

Chapter 1 - Empathize & Define


The first step in our research was to ensure medication non-adherence was indeed a problem. Through our findings we discovered up to 30%–50% of patients are expected to demonstrate poor adherence to medication use, regardless of disease process, prognosis, or background. Medication non-adherence remains a common health care problem. Poor adherence causes approximately 33% to 69% of medication-related hospitalizations and accounts for $100 billion in annual health care costs.

We also conducted a survey with family and friends. Here are the results of that research shown in the pie graphs below.

Competitor Analysis

We researched our competitors to see what they were offering as well as what they weren’t offering.

There are other healthcare apps but they each are a bit different.

Glucose Buddy - diabetes management, enter glucose numbers, insulin dosages, provides reminders.

MyChart - already have a MyChart account; specifically for patient use; medical records; mostly with hospitals.

Chapter 2 - Ideate

lo-fi wireframes

Low fidelity wireframes of ScanMD

Chapter 3 - Prototype & Test


I chose red and blue as my primary colors for the app since they are so commonly associated with healthcare. Keeping the audience in mind, I tried to keep minimal icons and images on the app so that elder users do not feel discouraged or get overwhelmed using the app.

final designs