Hello there!

I'm Hareem.

I’m currently a UX Professional at C+A Global, a retailer focused on improving and creating solutions for a wide portfolio of brands, providing unique and improved experiences for users. At C+A Global, I get the opportunity to work on products for brands like HP, Kodak, and LyxPro. I conduct user research and competitor research, searching for opportunities where I can improve our products and offer something our competitors cannot. My main tool of choice to complete my work is Figma. I use Figma to create wireframes for new products, test current products to ensure they work and look the way the prototype does, leave notes for developers on any changes and improvements that need to be made, and update current products to keep up with iOS and Android requirements. I also work on desktop softwares for HP, maintaining the apps and using current products as guidelines for products that are yet to be produced.

At Tech Fleet I had the opportunity to work with an international client: a non-profit aiming to help immigrant women transition into tech in Sweden. I performed research on the clients users as well as their goal. I used workshops to find opportunities for improvement, identify painpoints, and prioritize solutions. The project resulted in an increase in the clients users as well as user engagement and extension of the partnership with Tech Fleet and the client.

My design journey began during my time as a student at Rutgers University studying Information Technology. Growing up, I was always very creative and had a love for art. I loved to draw, paint, and even tried guitar for a while. As I got older, I picked up henna and did some freelance as a henna artist. But, I also loved technology. I was the technical child in my household and working with tech came very naturally to me. So, you can imagine, when I discovered what UX design was in college, it was like the best of both worlds.

Through UX I have found a way to combine my love for art and technology and use it to create thoughtful experiences for users. While I was a student at Rutgers, I took the time to study more about UX on my own outside of what my college could offer to me. The pandemic allowed me to dedicate more time to learning about UX, reading books about human-centered designs, and enhancing my skills. What I enjoy about working in UX is how much there is to learn from my peers. I've realized everyone comes from different backgrounds and experiences, and it's these experiences that help us design wonderful solutions for users. My mission is to create meaningful solutions and make a difference in people's lives.

When I’m not designing, I love hanging out with my cat🐈, going out to eat with my fiance👫, and watching Harry Potter⚡️.

Wanna work together? Reach me at: hareemahmed620@gmail.com