Maynooth Furniture

UI Design

Project Overview

This project was created as an assignment for a UX course. Maynooth Furniture is a new company selling modern, fresh, high quality affordable furniture. I was tasked with creating a high fidelity website and app mockup displaying a home page, category page, and product page.


UX/UI Designer




Adobe XD, Adobe AI, Procreate

user persona

As part of the assignment, the user persona was provided to the students to keep in mind while we designed our website. This persona helped us explore what type of furniture would be found on this website.



Research competitor sites, browse through Pinterest.


Low fidelity sketches created on Procreate.


Adobe XD


Adobe XD


After exploring several moodboards and e-commerce sites, I went in the direction for warm, earthy tones for a more “homey” feel. The colors are neutral and welcoming while the typography is modern and cute. Keeping my user persona in mind, Katherine is a mother who just recently got an empty nest and is using this opportunity to remodel her home. Since she browses through style guides and pinterest in her spare time, I believe she’d find this UI inviting and stylish.

Sketches & Wireframes

After browsing through competitor sites and doing some research, I dove into Procreate to make some rough sketches on how I wanted the website to look. After creating my sketches, I used Adobe XD to create my low fidelity wireframes.